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  George Petrohelos Fine Jeweler

Fine jeweler, George Petrohelos creates the sites collection of fine jewelry & amulets. His uniquely impressive fine jewelry creations and designs from several years back to present is unsurpassed.
George is widely respected in his field of expertise. Currently located in offices in central Chicago's diamond district in the 5 S. Wabash bldg.
He continues his very impressive craft of fine jewelry design. George studied diamonds and precious stones at the Gemological Institute of Ameria (GIA) of Chicago.
George Petrohelos was born in Athens, Greece and moved to Chicago in 1967 where he has been in the jewelry business from over 30 years.

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The Lovers - Full moon tonight

The Lovers We stole away the dawn
to reign always night
in the garden of delight
and by the statue of the fawn,

we made endless love
in this quietude of park
forever destined in the dark
with the starry dome above.

poetry Cardfortune©
Posted by thanos on Friday, December 05 @ 22:09:26 EST (1085 reads)
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Spicy Eyes...

The Lovers I like when you smile
how you smile with your eyes too
cause I see two smiley faces in there
and that's so rare and cute.

I like how you glance secretly
as if behind a tree
cause I do that similarly
in a very odd degree.

I like to think that when you leave
you think of love in the air
and that even though you're left
your love dances like Fred Astair.

I like how you exit with a glance
cause its such an Indian romance
and if fortune had not given you a chance
I wouldn't have been in a trance.

I like and love how you speak
and love and like how you leak
those pretty rays of your sunny face
that blind and torture my heart's space
cause in the end I can't resist
that emerald glow that you consist...

Copyright © - 11/16/2013 - Full Moon
Posted by Thanos on Saturday, November 16 @ 21:38:11 EST (5550 reads)
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The Lovers

The Lovers In the cycle of day and night
I look for you, I search for you
yet I don’t even know you
I’ve felt you inside dreams, thoughts,
seen your fingers and head
and you always find the way
like the wave rests on shore
like the river finds the sea
desire always binds me to you
sometimes it might be only an affair
other times a more grave relationship
but nevertheless...
when the call of my soul’s wind whispers
I go crazy for you, for us
and the fire never subsides
until my kiss
passes through your lips
and my soul inside quenches
touching something really human.

Tommy Philo - ©
Posted by thanos on Wednesday, March 06 @ 20:00:52 EST (3947 reads)
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