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The beautiful ones hurt you every time

End Of The World - Ella Guru painting The beautiful ones hurt you every time.
Precisely because of that;
And, because they think their beauty makes them better.
There are some ones though who are beautiful
and good but they are rare and respect themselves
and have eyes and see what’s going on and hide
it from the unfairness of life. But most of the others,
the ones we are talking about here, are second-rate
immoral and use their outward appearance to put down others.

I know it’s really bad but how often do you see God or nature take
a little extra time to give you a cosmetic lift so you can stand
out from the average or even contest them?
If the beautiful wish to terminate a relationship,
they can do so on the spot and move on to someone
else with such unbelievable speed it’s just tragic
for the one left behind.

If the beautiful wish to put you down they can do
that too for they have this privilege of looking
the way they do and what they hell are you going
to say to them anyway? Even if you do,
they’ll dismiss you with a sarcastic smile or wave
of the hand because as I’ve stated before they think
that their beauty makes them better.
If the beautiful decide to steal and put the blame on you
through their beautiful lying they can do that as
without any real feeling running through their veins
for they are cold, cold people.
They hurt you every time, the beautiful ones, they do,
and their hurt is big, immense like craters of the moon
not baby scratches or anything like that.
Most of the times they do it with style too like
laughing maliciously when doing it.
But, let me tell you a secret: the beautiful ones,
don’t last, are the most insecure, the shallowest,
the emptiest of minds, because they never invested
time to learn anything they never considered real point
of views always checking their reflections in the mirror
always wanting compliments and always going out every night.
And when their beauty starts to peel off they go
and lose it not knowing how to adjust and preserve like
the rest of us with our average looks and then depression
hits crying all the time and they start doing drugs and alcohol
wishing to kill themselves because they can’t make it and then,
at that moment, what they need, is, one of us, one of the average
looking people, whom they’ve put down over the years to put them
down too just like they had done before telling them
that it’s not going to be ok and that nobody will date them
or even accuse them with our beautiful lies because
finally, is our payback time.

Poetry ©
Painting © Ella Guru
Posted by Philos on Saturday, April 04 @ 01:41:11 EDT (1262 reads)
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2012 - The End Of the World...

End Of The World - Ella Guru painting Tommy Philo writes ... The End Of the World -
Painting Ella Guru.....

a sunset fleeing
a cap that’s sealing

a river drying
a color dying

her eye is shutting
as feather is sliding

a center hitting
of her circle’s being

and it hinders spinning
as the music stops singing

the gramophone of her word
‘tis the end, the end of the world.

Posted by philos on Tuesday, October 16 @ 23:49:19 EDT (9324 reads)
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